Loaded Tater Tots


I remember craving tater tots as a kid. The older I got the less I enjoyed tater tots at all. One day we were looking for a side dish to have with dinner. I had some tater tots that needed to be eaten.

These are simple to make. Plus it is easy to adjust to make the right amount whether you are feeding 1 or 10. Place as many tater tots as you need on a cookie sheet. I like to line my cookie sheet for easy clean up.


Drizzle the tater tots with some ranch dressing. I cook mine at 450 degrees for 20-30 minutes. My family like the tater tots to have a little crunch to them.


After cooking the tater tots, some of the ranch will have cooked into them. I coated the tater tots with another layer then add cheese and bacon. Put the cookie sheet back into the oven so the cheese can melt. Doesn’t take long.


You can serve them with sour cream or not. It’s up to you.


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