Little Bites of Potatoes

When it comes to potatoes, my family really loves potato skins and twice bake potatoes to name a few. The one day, I came across a recipe for Irish Potato Bites. They really look good but my kids aren’t huge fans of corn beef. So I decided to make a version of these with bacon substitute for the corn beef. I really like red potatoes the most out of all the potatoes. I was so thrilled to give this a try.


You will need small round red potatoes, milk, butter, sour cream, cheese and bacon.


Since it will be hard to give exact measurements for this I will step you through the process.


First boil the red potatoes in a pot of water with a little bit of salt added. Cook until the potatoes are tender to a fork. Drain and let the potatoes cool completely. If you don’t let them cool then the skins with peel off easily.


After they have cooled cut the potatoes in half. Scoop the center of each potato out. Leaving at least 1/4 inch edge in potato.

Take the scoop out center and made into mashed potatoes. I add a little bit of milk and butter. After you made mash potatoes, add some sour cream, cheese and bacon to taste. Don’t forget to add some salt and pepper for seasoning.


Take the loaded mash and fill in the potatoes that you just hollowed out. Place the stuffed potatoes on a cookie sheet.


Bake the potatoes bits at 350° for 20-30 minutes til heated and cheese is melted.


Top the potatoes bites with some sour cream and chives. Enjoy.


My family loves these. I would say I will be making these often but it does take a long time for the potatoes to cool completely. A few hours. Less if you can put them in the fridge.


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  1. I seriously want to try out this recipe! I love potatoes but I really don’t know what to do with them except make bakes, fries, put them in soups etc.

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