Pretzel Dogs

This is the only way I will eat a hot dog. My kids are like most kids when it comes to watch commercials on TV. They see something and have to have it. One night they saw hot dogs being serve in pretzel rolls. I decided to give it a try. They are amazing! I still remember the first time Derek tried these. I think I have a picture of the look on his face. He would kill me if I posted it, so I will not go looking for it.

Cheese, bacon, hot dog and pretzel is an amazing combination! Who know?

Pretzel Hot dog buns

Cheese sauce

Bacon Pieces

Hot Dogs

Make hot dog buns using the pretzel dough found here.

The cheese sauce is easy. Take cheese whiz and add milk. Heating up the cheese makes it easier to mix in the milk.

I cut open the bun add hot dog. Top with cheese sauce then add bacon.


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