Parsley Potatoes

I grow up eating parsley potatoes more than mashed potatoes. I love the buttery parsley taste! Yum. I didn’t realize that this dish wasn’t as common as I thought. I am still amazed when I meet someone that doesn’t know what parsley potatoes are. These are simple to make and tasty.

1-2 lb potatoes, peeled and diced

1 Tbs Parsley flakes

3 Tbs butter or margarine

Baby red potatoes are the best for this dish but regular potatoes do just as well. My kids aren’t fans of the red ones. They don’t like the skin on the potatoes.


Boil the potatoes on high  with some salt til they are tender when poking with a fork. Drain the potatoes but don’t let them cool.


Add the butter and parsley. I like to crush the parsley flakes up some before add it.


Cover the pot with a lids and allow the butter to melt. Then gently stir the potatoes.


Parsley Potatoes.jpg

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