Chicken and Black Bean Burrito

These are yummy and filling burritos. I can’t eat more than one burrito but some how my young kids can eat almost two of them in one sitting.

1 lb. Chicken

14 oz can Black Beans (drained)

2 cups Lettuce (cut)

2 cups Shredded Cheese

2 cups Tomatoes (diced)

Sour Cream

1 Jar Salsa

8 Large Flour Shells


I slice the chicken into smaller piece and pan fried the chicken in a non-stick pan over med heat. Lightly season the chicken with salt and pepper. Cook til the chicken is golden brown and cooked the whole way through.




Take a flour shell and lay it on a plate. Add about 1/2 c of chicken, 1/4 c Black Beans, 1/4 c lettuce, 1/4 c tomatoes, 1/8 c cheese and 1/8 c salsa. Add a couple scoops of sour cream. Now to fold the burrito up.


This burrito is easy to change to your like and desire. Enjoy!

Chicken Black bean burrito

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